I am a historian of the early modern Spanish world with a special interest in colonial Spanish America. This website is a forum for me to share about my research and teaching and a way for me to reflect upon my travels in Mexico City and beyond. It also provides me with an opportunity to muse about my experiences with rare books and print culture in various libraries and archives across Europe and the Americas. My hope is that colleagues, new researchers, students, and other folk with similar interests will find my photographs, teaching tools, and writings intellectually stimulating and useful for their own work. Many people have been generous with me in my studies and travels over the years, so here is my chance to express my gratitude to them and to extend some of their kindness to others.

Browsing through this site you will find my biography and curriculum vitae; a description of my research along with links to my publications and conference abstracts; my teaching philosophy, current syllabi, teaching tools, and assignments; a selection of photo essays and travelogues; and several links to libraries and archives and other resources related to the history of Latin America.

You can learn more about my research as a historian by viewing my curriculum vitae (updated April 8, 2019) and reading an article about me in Perspectives on History.

You can also follow my accounts with ORCIDAcademia.edu, ResearchGate, Google Scholar, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


Hitchhiking in Zacatecas, Mexico, 2017. Photo by Cynthia Luz Manzo Guerrero.
Hitchhiking in Zacatecas, Mexico, 2017. Photo by Cynthia Luz Manzo Guerrero.

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