Sample Syllabi

Course Outlines

I have taught several undergraduate survey courses and upper level seminars at Brock University, Carleton University, Trent University Durham, the University of Toronto, and the University of Western Ontario. Below is a listing of the most recent editions of my syllabi.

Brock University

HIST 2P08 (Colonial Latin America) – 2012

HIST 2P09 (Modern Latin America) – 2013

HIST 2P99 (Ideas and Culture before 1850) – 2012

MARS 3V96 (Renaissance Ethnography) – 2013

Carleton University

HIST2204 (Early Modern Europe, 1350-1650) – 2019

LACS1002A (Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean Studies II) – 2020

Trent University Durham

HIST1701H (World History to 1800) – 2018

HIST 1702H (World History 1800 to the Present) – 2015

HIST 2470Y (Introduction to Latin America) – 2013-2014

HIST 2471H (Introduction to Latin America) – 2015

HIST 3470/4470Y (Multiethnic Identities in Latin America) – 2013-2014

HIST 4470Y (Revolutions in Latin America) – 2014-2015

University of Toronto

HIS 106Y (Natives, Settlers, and Slaves: Colonizing the Americas, 1492-1804) – 2016-2017

HIS 291H (The History of Colonial Latin America) – 2016

HIS389H (Historiography) – 2017

HIS389H (Mexican Popular Culture) – 2017

HIS 496H (Cross-Cultural Encounters in the Spanish Pacific, 1519-1815) – 2016

University of Western Ontario

HIST2401E (Medieval Europe) – 2019-2020

HIST 2501E (History of Latin America) – 2012

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