Sample Syllabi

Course Outlines

I have taught several undergraduate survey courses and upper level seminars at Brock University, Carleton University, Trent University Durham, the University of Toronto, the University of Western Ontario, and Wilfrid Laurier University. Below is a listing of the most recent editions of my syllabi.

Brock University

HIST 2P08 (Colonial Latin America) – 2012

HIST 2P09 (Modern Latin America) – 2013

HIST 2P99 (Ideas and Culture before 1850) – 2012

MARS 3V96 (Renaissance Ethnography) – 2013

Carleton University

HIST2204 (Early Modern Europe, 1350-1650) – 2019

HIST2204 (Early Modern Europe, 1350-1650) – [online asynchronous] 2020

LACS1002A (Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean Studies II) – 2020

Trent University Durham

HIST1701H (World History to 1800) – 2018

HIST 1702H (World History 1800 to the Present) – 2015

HIST 2470Y (Introduction to Latin America) – 2013-2014

HIST 2471H (Introduction to Latin America) – 2015

HIST 3470/4470Y (Multiethnic Identities in Latin America) – 2013-2014

HIST 4470Y (Revolutions in Latin America) – 2014-2015

University of Toronto

HIS 106Y (Natives, Settlers, and Slaves: Colonizing the Americas, 1492-1804) – 2016-2017

HIS 291H (The History of Colonial Latin America) – 2016

HIS389H (Historiography) – 2017

HIS389H (Mexican Popular Culture) – 2017

HIS 496H (Cross-Cultural Encounters in the Spanish Pacific, 1519-1815) – 2016

University of Western Ontario

HIST2401E (Medieval Europe) – 2019-2020

HIST 2501E (History of Latin America) – 2012

Wilfrid Laurier University

HIS 252 (Lives of the Explorers) – [online synchronous] (2020)

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