Teaching Experience

Courses Taught

“This course has renewed my enthusiasm for history! An incredibly powerful, motivating instructor – I feel lucky to have had this experience.” – University of Western Ontario Student (2012)

I have taught undergraduate lecture courses and upper level seminars at the several universities in southern Ontario. In my lecture courses, I have focused on geographic regions of varying scales (Europe, Latin America, the Atlantic world, and the world) and historical themes (intellectual history, historiography, and Mexican popular culture). In my upper level seminars, I have explored cross-cultural encounters in the Spanish world and race and revolution in Latin America. My years as a university instructor have provided me with a wide range of pedagogical experiences. I have had the privilege of teaching courses in an interdisciplinary environment, which has challenged me to engage with material beyond the chronology and geography of my specific research.

Course Code/Name
* = Courses in which I had teaching assistants
# = Summer course
E and Y = Full credit (24 weeks)
A, H, P, and V = Half credit (12 weeks)
Institution and CoursesYear(s) Taught
Brock University
HIST 2P08 (Colonial Latin America)*
HIST 2P09 (Modern Latin America)*
HIST 2P99 (Ideas and Culture before 1850)*
MARS 3V96 (Renaissance Ethnography)

2009, 2011, 2012
2009, 2012, 2013
Carleton University
LACS 1002A (Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean Studies II)
HIST 2204A (Early Modern Europe, 1350–1650)*

Trent University Durham
HIST 1701H (World History to 1800)
HIST 1702H (World History 1800 to the Present)
HIST 2470Y (Introduction to Latin America)
HIST 2471H (Introduction to Latin America)
HIST 4470Y (Multiethnic Identities in Latin America)
HIST 4470Y (Revolutions in Latin America)

2018, 2014
University of Toronto
HIS 106Y (Natives, Settlers, and Slaves: Colonizing the Americas)*
HIS 291H (The History of Colonial Latin America)*
HIS 389H (Historiography)
HIS 389H (Mexican Popular Culture)
HIS 496H (Cross-Cultural Encounters in the Spanish Pacific, 1519–1815)

2015-16, 2016-17
2015, 2016
2016, 2017
University of Western Ontario
HIST 2401E (Medieval Europe)*
HIST 2501E (History of Latin America)#


Course Responsibilities

“Availability was great. Most profs won’t be willing […] to help their students at any time.” – Trent University Student (2014)

I have designed the syllabi for all my courses, which has included the selection of topics, learning activities, readings, and assignments. I have delivered lectures to small and large groups and I have led seminars at all undergraduate levels. In all my courses, I have maintained a course site on the learning management system, whether Moodle, Blackboard, or Sakai. Regarding administration, I have responded to emails, held office hours, and worked with advisors and students registered with accessibility services. To assess student learning, I have developed several rubrics and graded an array of different quizzes, papers, and exams. In several of my courses, I have coached teams of teaching assistants.

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